Davos 2018

The Background

In January every year, the World Economic Forum hosts an annual winter meeting in Davos, Switzerland where the world’s leaders meet to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world today.

This flagship event, is an invitation-only meeting, bringing together a unique attendee list of some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, chief executive officers, and journalists as well as selected politicians, representatives from, NGOs, religious leaders and many more.

Next year – 2018 – the event is scheduled to start on 24th January and, with all the world’s eyes upon Davos, the leading broadcasters will be there to capture these influential individual’s insights, opinions and market changing ideas. Davos provides exceptional opportunities for corporations, and other attendees, to promote themselves and their unique high-level insights.

How can Executive Interviews help you?

Executive Interviews is proudly partnered with the world’s leading business news networks, we are able to provide timely, professionally-produced, and fully licensed video clips from Davos, to post on social media sites, websites, intranets, and events display/distribution and much more.

The benefits of using licenced TV/Broadcaster footage from Davos, are as follows:

  • You will be copyright compliant
  • Editorial content from trusted broadcasters
  • Trusted footage enhances your organisation’s credibility
  • Raises profiles of key executives in your organisation
  • Communicate compellingly with target audiences
  • Management of your or your business’ reputation

By making the interview clip available on your chosen web channels, internally and externally, the same message, from a reputable broadcaster is presented.

Our Products and Services

We offer a suite of video players and related services to suit any marketing strategy, so whether you require to download the video file and host and stream it on your end, or you prefer to take advantage of one of our popular branded media player packages, we have the right solution to get your Davos interview, to be posted quickly, legally, and in a way that integrates seamlessly with your online sites.

I’m Interested, who can I talk to?

For guidance and advice on how to maximise your Interview Content from Davos, contact one of our global sales team, through the following contact details:

Asia            +886-6-237-8016 or by email: mark.pemberton@executiveinterviews.com
EMEA        +44 (0) 1525 292 014 or by email: liz.ashton@executiveinterviews.com
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